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Who is Chen Voon Fee?

Known as an architect

He was an architect whose contribution to Malaysia’s architecture is of vital importance. A Badan Warisan Malaysia’s founding member, Voon Fee was instrumental in the restoration projects of the Central Market and the Creative Center for the Majestic Hotel when it was the National Art Gallery.


An author of the now world famous sketchbook series of Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Perak & Malacca. Chen Voon Fee’s last publication before his death in 2008 was the ‘Planter’s Bungalow’.

DiGi Amazing Malaysia

Shortly before his death in 2008, Chen Voon Fee was named “ The Treasure Keeper of Kuala Lumpur” by the DiGi Amazing Malaysian project . This was in recognition of the programme “Secrets of KL”he specially devised for students aged 10-16.